This project concerns two groups of young people, the first sharing a background as refugees, social disadvantagement, and the second group fortunate in that they have not had to live the experiences of the first.


The first group are audibly and visibly recorded telling stories about their lives which are then vizualized by the second group as ‘story clips’ - short films expressing these stories.

This ‘transaction’ makes it possbile for the first group to be understood and recognized in such a way that their traumatisations are relieved by the empathy, interest and appreciative attention given by the second group in these short films.


In a joint final presentation the project shows how young people from very different cultural and social backgrounds can help and influence each other.


One-week workshop in youth center Ottendorf, Germany

Day 1 (10.06.2020)

Interviews with refugees from "German as Second Language" course in Volkshochschule Ottendorf / Stadtscheune Ottendorf, Germany

Day 2-4 (18. - 20.08.2020)

Workshop with kids in Volkshochschule Ottendorf 

Day 5 (21.08.2020)

Presentation of film project

Cuxhaven Kurier 25.08.2020

Cuxhaven Kurier 02.09.2020

Cuxhaven Kurier 02.09.2020

This project was a cooperation with malwerk e.V.VHS Ottendorf and was financially supported by Aktion Mensch.