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Stay Home - bin zuhause. und du?

Is exchange during Corona Pandemic possible? How do children and teenagers in Germany and Russia deal with the current situation? ATELIER-film-mobil wanted to explore these questions in form of film project. Enthusiastic participants from Germany and Russia embarked on an exciting "journey": 

During creative workshops in Berlin and in Sovetsk, German and Russian kids dealt with the Corona virus and imagined the ways it could be defeated. Their imagination was unlimited. Unfortunately, they could not work together because of the pandemic, therefore, they decided that each side would artistically implement the other's suggestions. So the project participants in Russia brought German suggestions and idea to life by drawing, painting and making animated clips. German participants did the same with the ideas from Russia.

This project is made possible with friendly support from the funding organisation Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch.

Mai 2021, Film Premiere with live streaming in Russia

Red carpet presentation of the film in Cosima cinema in Berlin

1h 20min

Film - bin zuhause. und du?

22 min

July 2020, workshop in Berlin, in BLO-Ateliers


German children in Berlin were working on animations illustrating interviews of Russian children about their situation during the pandemic.

workshop drja.png

September 2020, online meeting in Berlin and in Sovetsk

German children in Berlin met online russian kids from Sovetsk. During this meeting they were developeing some ideas on how to write a fairytale together. Also some intercultural questions were posed and answered.


October 2020, workshop in Sovetsk

Russian children in Sovetsk worked on their animations illustrating interviews of German children about how the pandemic affected their school life and what they know about coronavirus.

Animations were made with different technics - colored paper, plasticine and drawings.


October 2020, online meeting 2 in Sovetsk and in Berlin

Russian children in Sovetsk met online German children in Berlin. During this meeting they discussed new ideas on how to write a fairytale together and told them about their experiences during the workshop. Also some intercultural questions were posed and answered. Director of Russian school Grigori Sokolovskij came to say Hello to participants and talked to them about the importance of this project.


Mai 2020, Film premiere with ONLINE streaming 

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