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Die Brückenbauerin

Places can take us on a journey through time, they can define biographies, create identities. Sovetsk, the small Russian town, formerly Tilsit, located in the north of the former German province of East Prussia, is just such a place. What does a place like this do to its inhabitants? How do people unconsciously integrate the history of this city? The search for answers to all of these questions is reflected in this film through interviews and animations showing historical passages and memories of the protagonists.


Daheim bleiben / Reste à la Maison

The film is a historical document in which the state of emergency is revealed in all its facets. The film takes us back to a time when memory still had a variety of facets and was not yet the story of the pandemic that could be told. This intergenerational film also tells a deeply human story: a wealth of perspectives, points of view, hopes, positions of experiencing and suffering loss.

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Chacun chez soi - Über Grenzen hinweg zusammen

This project was initiated during Corona pandemics by ATELIER- Film-mobil and supported by the Franco-German Citizens' Fund. A series of online meetings between two communities in Germany and France took place with film screenings, discussion and artistic workshops.

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Video Portrait

"BerlinSkateGirl" is a video done by teenagers for teenager and youth audience.


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