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STAY HOME - Kids in the time of Corona

This five day stop-motion animation workshop took place in the Peter-Petersen School in Neukölln/Berlin. Children watched videos received from children all over the world and created short animations as visual comments additional to their interviews.

This project is focused on the situation of children around the world and is made possible thanks to the friendly support of Kulturelle Bildung in Berlin Neukölln.

german flag.jpg

Film: deutsche Fassung

french flag.jpg

Film: version française

September 2020, 5-day workshop in Peter-Petersen School in Berlin

During this workshop school children in Berlin watched the recorded interviews of kids from different countries, discussed their own experiences during the isolation, and afterwards worked on short animated films that were commenting the interviews.

Day 1 – 4, working on animated films

workshop neukoelln.jpg

Day 5, presentation and discussions Day 1 – 4, working on animated films

praesi neukoelln 01.jpg
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