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This project concerns two groups of young people, the first sharing a background as refugees, social disadvantagement, and the second group fortunate in that they have not had to live the experiences of the first.


The first group - two young refugees from Syria - was audibly and visibly recorded telling stories about their escape from Syria to Germany. This interview was then visualized by the second group - local German kids - and made into a short animated film.


This ‘transaction’ makes it possible for the first group to be understood and recognized in such a way that their traumatisations are relieved by the empathy, interest and appreciative attention given by the second group in these short films.


In a joint final presentation the project shows how young people from very different cultural and social backgrounds can help and influence each other.


One-week workshop in Volkshochschule Otterndorf, Germany

Day 1 (16.08.2021)

An interview with two young refugees from Syria at their home in Lower Saxony, Germany

01 interview.png

Day 2-5 (23. - 26.08.2021)

Workshop with kids in Volkshochschule Otterndorf 


Day 6 (27.08.2021)

Film presentation and an exhibition


This project was a cooperation with VHS Otterndorf and was financially supported by Aktion Mensch.

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