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ATELIER-film-mobil carry out projects with children and young people in the field of film, animation, art and illustration. Our topics are very broad, from disability, refugees, socially disadvantaged youth to kids life. Our audiovisual intercultural projects take place in Germany and abroad. 



is a Russian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Born and grown up in Soviet Union, she received classical art training in an art high school in Leningrad. Immigration to Canada followed with continuation of art studies in Art and Design College in Montreal. After graduation, Anja Tchepets moves to Berlin and continues her studies in Academy of Fine and Applied Art, Kunsthochschule Weissensee.
Several years in New York City followed, where she was working as a fine art artist and freelance illustrator. 
Currently she lives and works partly in Berlin, partly on numerous art residencies in Germany and abroad. 

Anja Tchepets work has been shown and collected internationally.


is a French filmmaker living and working in Berlin, Germany. He was born in Talence, France and moved to Berlin after completing his high school diploma. While working as a film projectionist he started collecting his experiences in film, and started specialising in 16 and Super 8 mm films und experimental videos. He attended Kaskeline-Filmakademie in Berlin.


Since 2000 Johan worked as a director of feature, documentary, image film and live-shows, director of photography and film editor for diverse film & TV productions.


His film projects are been shown in numerous art and film festivals, exhibitions and happenings in Germany and abroad.

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