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In 2020 we decided to put the focus of all our workshops on the current situation of corona pandemic. Presently we are working on several audio-visual projects depicting Corona lockdown through childrens perspective.

STAY HOME - Children in times of Corona

During these difficult times we hear a lot from politicians, medical workers, parents, but little is known of how children and young people cope with the Corona crisis, or how the restrictions affect them and how they experience isolation. It can be assumed, however, that they miss friends and school along with daily structure.


We asked children from different countries seven questions about their lives during the quarantine, we collated video, audio and visual material from Germany, France, Russia, England, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Japan and Mexico.


The idea behind all these projects is to record this unique historical moment from a children's point of view and in so doing give voice and expression to their thoughts and feelings through creativity. Several workshops are planned where children will watch the recorded interviews, discuss their own experiences during the isolation, and afterwards work together on animated films. During this process a cultural exchange between young people from different backgrounds and countries will take place.


We are happy and very grateful to receive financial support for several workshops and film projects. Through this, all participants who sent us their videos will be able to articulate their experiences during the pandemic and will become part of our film projects.


Stay Home - VerVIRENde Geschichte

In this project German and Russian children will be working together on retelling Russian and German fairytales by adapting them to the current situation of the pandemic. During this process they will be sharing their experiences during the pandemic and a cultural exchange will take place. We are looking forward to it and are very curious about the outcome !

This project is focused on the situation for children in Germany and Russia and is made possible with friendly support from the funding organisation Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch.


Daheim bleiben / Reste a la Maison

The aim of this project is a discourse between German and French families within the current situation (life in the times during and after the pandemic) in the form of discussion and creative, artistic work. Intergenerational exchanges between children and whole families in Germany and France will give them the opportunity to compare their experiences, to share these events and to network with each other.

This project is focused on the situation of children within families in Germany and France, and is made possible with the friendly support from Fond Citoyen and in cooperation with Centre Jules Verne (France), Clara Grunwald School and Fri-X Berg (Germany).

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Stay Home - Kids in Time of Corona

This five day stop-motion animation workshop will take place in the Peter-Petersen School in Neukölln/Berlin. Children there will be watching videos received from children all over the world and creating short animations as visual comments additional to their interviews.

This project is focused on the situation of children around the world is made possible thanks to the friendly support of Kulturelle Bildung in Berlin Neukölln.

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